You do good. They do well.

Our Mission:

offer the best test prep money can buy at no cost whatsoever to high school students who need it the most.

Undergrad Prep students receive the same level of test prep as those students who pay thousands of dollars to big test prep companies. In fact, we might even argue our courses are better than the courses offered at these same companies. 

While many organizations offer low-cost test preparation services to underserved communities, those programs are, more often than not, unable to provide the same level of service as the level provided in the retail side of the business. Low-cost classes don't show a profit, so these companies have no incentive to designate valuable resources to running the programs effectively. 

That's where we come in.



"Undergrad Prep provided my students an amazing opportunity to prepare for the SAT and the ACT. My students would not have been able to access a quality program with their limited financial resources and now the playing field has been leveled. Thank you."

— J. Teeples, Teacher


What Makes Us Different

Our scores are measured real test to real test.

Other companies measure their score improvements based on in-house exams. This allows these companies to manipulate the data favorably for marketing purposes. We don't need to do that. We can show you the real score improvements based on data from real exams.

Our Programs Provide Ample Classroom Hours

Some companies offer hours of useless homework and classroom time to justify the high cost of their courses. We don't need to do that. We sit down with our partner organizations and devise a dream test prep course to make sure that program comes to life. No hour is wasted and no time is held back from the students.

Our Teachers have years of experience

There is a high turnover for instructors in test preparation. As a result, most test prep companies use college students with little to no experience in test prep or classroom instruction. Our instructors have many years of experience in both the ACT and SAT.

Our programs use the best instruction material

Undergrad Prep students only take practice exams written by the actual test makers. Those books are generously donated by people like you. There's a dignity that comes from receiving brand new books and these kids are afforded that same dignity.

Our Students are the best and brightest

This program is not open to all students. Qualified students must have a solid GPA and be in the top of their class to apply for our program. They must commit to attend all classes and exams. Results come from commitment to the program so we only accept students with a history of sticking to that commitment.