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Our Mission

We offer free premium test preparation for the SAT and ACT to high school students from underserved communities. 

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Our Programs

The selling points of any expensive test prep program are consistent: engaged instructors, ample classroom hours, multiple practice exams and challenging material. We offer all of these features to qualified students at no cost to them or their families. 

SAT Fundamentals

24 hours of classroom instruction. 2 full-length real SAT exams. Students learn how to attack a reading passage, write the optional essay, conquer the grammar and master the math. This class is  a prerequisite for the SAT Hardcore program.

SAT Hardcore

24 hours of classroom instruction. 8 full-length real SAT exams. The premise is simple: armed with the skills from the Fundamentals program, students take a real SAT exam every week. It's administered just like the real exam. The next day, our instructors review the test with the students section by section. Paired with the Fundamentals course, that's 48 hours of instruction and 10 real SAT exams. 

ACT Prep class

36 hours of classroom instruction. 4 full-length real ACT exams. Students learn how to navigate the grammar, master the math, attack a reading passage, conquer the science and compose the optional essay. 

SAT + ACT Combo

54 hours of instruction. 11 full-length real exams. We've taken the best aspects of all the programs and combined them into one comprehensive course designed to give students the advantage they need to excel at both exams. We cover it all: the reading, english, math, science and both optional essays. This program is 6 months of commitment with results that speak for themselves. 


Our Impact

Results are important. Luckily for us, our success is defined by easily understood metrics. All of our students take a previously-administered real SAT or ACT to establish a baseline score. The improvements you see are based on the results from an official SAT or ACT. Students only use material created by the test makers. The results speak for themselves.



Average Composite SAT Score Improvement

In March 2018, our students raised their composite SAT scores on average over 100 points. 



AVerage SAT Math Improvement

In March 2018, our students raised their SAT Math scores on average 63 points. 



Average sat Verbal Improvement

In March 2018, our students raised their scores on average 41 points. 


Former STudent

Undergrad Prep taught me strategies that I had never learned in any other program. I raised my score thanks to Undergrad Prep and now I'm #CollegeBound.

Armando Torres, Stanford '22 / Read Full Article